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Stories From here is an online course that will help you tell the story of where you live. With 200 journaling and photography prompts, you will walk away with a beautiful visual and written diary of your home, your job, your family & friends, your neighborhood, city and country.

Tell The story of your self, your home, family, neighborhood, city, country, culture and more

Home Is Where The Heart Is

What's Included

  • Immediate access to the course
  • 6 in-depth lessons about phone photography, journaling and making your project awesome
  • Videos, podcasts, photos and written tutorials
  • 100 Photo Prompts
  • 100 Journaling Prompts
  • Ideas for what to do with your finished project
  • Private online classroom
  • App recommendations to make your project simple
  • Assignments to keep you on track
  • Course hashtag #storiesfromhereclass for building community
  • Access to Lauren for all your questions
Lesson Plan
We Are All Storytellers

Why I created this course

I started my own Stories From Here project last April as part of the 100 Day Project. I was getting ready to leave Korea, where we had lived for 3 years, and move to the United Arab Emirates. I was so incredibly sad about leaving this beautiful place that I had loved and wanted to find a way to document every good thing about it.  I began planning what I would capture and how, on instagram each day and then turn the photos + captions into a photo book, gathered a few photos that I already loved and jotted down some ideas for what else to include. Never did I imagine that this project would become a labor of my heart and soul. It was the perfect way to say goodbye and honor this country, the people and my own life in such a profound and meaningful way. It helped me process through the sadness and celebrate all that I had gained in the past three years. My only regret is not doing this project for every place I have lived. You never know when you will have to move or when things will change.

This project taught me that documenting where we live, the big and small portions of it, is a gift and a necessity. 

What you will learn

When you join me in this simple course, using only your phone, I will share my project, how I said goodbye to Korea and captured it’s beauty, and will walk you through creating your own project to tell your stories from where ever you are. The course includes in depth video lessons on how to use your phone to take professional quality photos, how to edit them and how to write captivating, but simple stories to go along with them. With 200 photo and journaling prompts to spur your creativity, you will walk away from this class with a unique and lovely time capsule of your life, home, family and world.

How much does this class cost?
Where is this course hosted?
On this private site!
Do I need a big, fancy camera or even an iPhone?
No! I used my iPhone, but you can also use your Android or any other device, to capture all 100 of my photos and I have a full lesson on taking high quality photos using your phone in the course that is applicable to any type of phone or camera you prefer.
How long will I have access to this class?
Forever! Your access never expires.
Will I need a lot of supplies for this course?
Absolutely not. Truly all you need for this course is your phone. If you are like me and prefer writing by hand, then maybe a small notebook. But how you structure your project is up to you.
Is this course only for people who are moving?
Nope. My biggest regret is not doing this project for everywhere we lived. We didn’t know, at the time, that our time in each place was limited so I thought I had forever to document it. But, even if you know you will live in the same place forever, don’t you want to record this place in time, as it is now? I believe that we need to preserve our memories and tell our story. This is the perfect project to do that simply and in the end you will have a beautiful book or collection to share, remember and pass down.
Do you have to do all 200 prompts?
You can, but it is not required. I suggest reading through all the prompts, and deciding which ones speak to you most. Then come up with a few of your own that fit your life and home best. These are just a great jumping off point to get you started in the right direction.
Do you offer refunds?
No. Unfortunately due to the digital nature of online courses, refunds are not allowed. But if you are unhappy with your purchase please email me and we find a way to work something out to fix the situation.
How can I get in touch with you?
Inside the course, please simply leave a comment on the lesson you have a question about. If you would like to talk about something else, please email me at mrslaurenhooper (at) gmail (dot) com.
ready to tell your story?